Friday, October 30, 2009

ASA-SSSA-CSSA Annual Meeting

It's that time of year again. Time to get ready to attend the American Society of Agronomy meeting which this year will be held in nice, warm, sunny ... Pittsburgh. I didn't attend the meeting last year, which was held in conjunction with the Geological Society of America in Houston, so I figured I'd catch up with collaborators and friends at this years meeting. I've also been tapped to judge some student oral and poster presentations, which isn't so bad as I've been really trying to increase my visibility within the society lately anyways. Even though I doubt I'll get an answer in the affirmative I'll ask the following question anyways ... anyone else going to ASA?

As for me, I've already got at least one activity planned ... drinking at Church Brew Works. The Cherry Quadzilla sounds interesting.


soil mama said...

I'm not going this year. I went last year and when it was in Salt Lake and Seattle. I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with it last year, at least from the soil micro end of things.

Tom said...

Yeah, the microbiology is kind of sparse, which is why I usually put ASM on my yearly agenda as well. The problem with ASM is that it is pretty poor in the environmental microbiology department. So, all said ... to get a somewhat "big picture" you need to mesh two somewhat lackluster (in terms of the appropriate knowledge base) meetings.

Either that or I'm not paying as good attention at these meetings as I should be.

soil mama said...

I really enjoyed ESA when I went last year. They had quite a bit of environmental and soil micro work with great discussions and well attended sessions (both oral and poster). I do think that SSSA is a "necessary evil" every few years though.

I'm looking forward to ISME next year in Seattle.

I am an author on a poster at SSSA this year, just search my name on the meeting page and you can find it. My "boss" is presenting it so you could swing by and chat with him :)