Monday, October 26, 2009

I guess Jesus Christ is ...

... a Penn State fan?
"At first glance, you don't necessarily think that's what it looks like, but when you look at it more, it does look like a cross," Berns told "That's the reason I didn't purchase it."
Eh? So it doesn't look like a cross when you actually look at it, but it does look like a cross when you look at it thinking it might be a cross?

Give me a break. It's a stupid school spirit t-shirt!

To be honest, at first I thought the article might be about someone being offended at the "White Out" comment and thinking it was causing some racial issues ... I looked at the shirt and didn't even think "cross" until I clicked on the link and started reading (and yes, that means I didn't read the caption underneath the image on the FOXNews front page, and I didn't get the "Crossing the Line" pun either).

Come on people, find something to really find offense over.


Genomic Repairman said...

Too many lawyers, too much free time.

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