Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Boomer Sooner
Beat Texas!


Philip H. said...

Yeah, how's that workin for ya?

Of course, my LSU Tigers had to defeat Open Date this wekend to recover from their self-inflicted wounds form Florida last weekend.

On to Auburn!

Tom said...

Not so well this year. Now people are talking about a potential 5 or 6 loss season.

The thing that is equally frustrating is that we had this game won early. Settling for field goals after making huge plays into the red zone, and then piling up 125 yards in penalties (while allowing your 1st round draft pick QB to get creamed again) killed us. Again.

And I wouldn't talk too much smack Philip. Alabama which looks to be every bit the juggernaut everyone is making them out to be welcomes you to their house the first week of November.