Thursday, September 02, 2010

Where is my silver lining!

I really think someone stole it. I should have stayed in bed today, honestly.

1. Trying to work with ChemSoft, only to be continually frustrated. When I choose the option "Print > To File" and click "Print" nothing happens. The dialog box closes and that's that. After killing a couple of trees testing other options, I finally find a folder that has about a bazillion Excel files now. Fun stuff. Next time Agilent ... at least tell us where the damn file is being saved!

2. Found an article today while perusing F1000 that is directly related to my own work. Said article comes to a similar conclusion on a particular genes abundance that I made, which means we're not the first ... but it's from a heavy hitter so it's a nice bit of confirmation. Problem? Yah, because it was packaged to be submitted today. Now I need to dust it off, make the edits and then glance over it again to ensure I didn't goof anything up.

3. Bought a new bed, which was sorely* needed. When are they dropping it off? They gave me like a five hour window ... which means I need to head home soon and wait for them. I know with the way today is going that they'll show up an hour after the five hour window is over.

4. ChemSoft crashed, and now I can't get it to work again, which means I'll need to uninstall and then reinstall. I HATE, with a white hot fire that burns my brain, this program!

*Ha ha ha, I made a pun.


soil mama said...

Still lovin' those PLFAs huh? ;)

Tom said...

Yah, totally lovin' it!

I'm starting to get a bit of a better hang of it. The info you sent me helped, and I finally got two profiles mapped out so now when I bring in the others, I can line them all up and extract the PFLA data and discard the other noise. However, I do have a handful of peaks (more than 2, less than 10) which have pretty decent areas that don't line up with any known PFLA. I assume I'll just label those as "unknown" and keep them in the final analysis.

Tom said...


I hope today isn't turning out to be like yesterday.