Thursday, September 02, 2010

Woo hoo!

I've been invited to guest speak at a Conference ... in China!

BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology (WCMB-2011)
Time: April 25-29, 2011
Place: Dalian, China

Dear [redacted],
We would like to extend our invitation to you to be a speaker at our upcoming event: BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology (WCMB-2011) which will help to bring together scientists, managers, faculties, decision makers among all organizations engaged in marine biotechnology and encourage the development of commercialization of marine biotechnology. As we know your work in this field is a clear example of the leadership, so we would like to highlight your effort at our conference which will take place during April 25-29, 2011 in Dalian, China, with the theme of “Ocean, Life and Sustainability”. We express our sincere wish for your participation in this conference and make an oral presentation at one session of Track 5: Marine Bioenergy and Engineering, The details of the sessions are:

Track 5-1: Algae and Seaweed Biomass
Track 5-2: Marine Bioethanol
Track 5-3: Marine Biodiesel
Track 5-4: Marine Biogases
Track 5-5: Algal Biofuels Commercialization

WCMB-2011 will take the form of plenary lectures, oral presentations, posters, exhibitions and project matchmaking; it covers topics from breakthroughs in Marine Biotechnology R & D, Algal Biotechnology, Marine Natural Products and Valuable Materials, Marine Bioenergy and Engineering, Marine Resources and Environment Bioremediation to applications of Marine biotechnology. WCMB-2011 will provide an ideal platform for marine biotechnologist to debate and deliberate on issues that are critical for the progress of this emerging area and identify the challenges and opportunities for the development of Marine Biotechnology.

Your participation as a speaker at this year’s world congress would add great value for your organization and our attendees. Please contact Ms. Doris Han at if you are able to participate. Thank you for your timely consideration of this invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

In addition, this major international event will be held in Dalian, one of the most beautiful coastal cities. After the conference, you are welcomed to join the Tech tour to experience the traditional Chinese culture and enjoy the delicious food in China.

The details of the conference, please visit:

Best Regards,

Ms. Doris Han
Organizing Committee of WCMB-2011
26 Gaoneng St., F4
Dalian Hightech Zone
Dalian, LN 116025, China
Tel: 0086-411-84799609 ext 813
Fax: 0086-411-84799629

PS: We expect your precious comments or suggestions on the structure of our program, also your reference to other speakers will be highly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your replies on the following questions.

1. Are you interested in delivering a speech in one of these sessions? Which session?

2. What is the title of your speech?

3. Do you want to co-organize one of the sessions or have any suggestions about our scientific program?

Full Program

Track 1: Breaking R & D in Marine Biotechnology

Track 1-1: Marine Molecular/Cell Biology and Physiology
Track 1-2: Marine Ecology and Microbiology
Track 1-3: Marine Organismal Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Track 1-4: Genomics, Proteomics & Metabolomics in Marine Biotechnology
Track 1-5: Marine Metagenomics and Bioinformatics
Track 1-6: The Marine Biotechnology Research Toolkit
Track 1-7: Marine Extremophiles
Track 1-8: Marine Nanobiotechnology and Biomaterials
Track 1-9: Sustainable Aquaculture and Fishery
Track 1-10: Conservation, Bioinvasion and Climate Change

Track 2: Algal Biotechnology and Phycology

Track 2-1: Algae Ecology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Systematics?
Track 2-2: Algae and Cyanobacteria in Extreme Environments
Track 2-3: Micro-algal Biotechnology
Track 2-4: Algal Cultivation Techniques toward Seaweed Farming and Aquaculture
Track 2-5: Biotechnology Improving Algal Production & Productivity
Track 2-6: Algae Photobioteactors
Track 2-7: Robust Algal Processing & Downstream Production
Track 2-8: Algae in Health, Nutrition, Cosmetic and Feed Industries
Track 2-9: Harmful Algae Blooms and Green Tide
Track 2-10: Applications of Algae in Wastewater Treatment, Carbon Capture & Recycle

Track 3: Marine Natural Products and Valuable Materials

Track 3-1: Resources, Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Marine Natural Products
Track 3-2: Marine Chemistry of Natural Products
Track 3-3: Eicosanoids from Algae
Track 3-4: Marine Peptide and Protein and its Functions
Track 3-5: Marine Microalgae Polysaccharides
Track 3-6: Marine Enzymes with Unique Functions
Track 3-7: Natural Products and Materials from Sponges
Track 3-8: Marine Biopolymers and Applications
Track 3-9: Materials in Preventing Marine Corrosion
Track 3-10: Novel Composite Materials for Marine Applications

Track 4: Biomedical Applications of Marine Biotechnology

Track 4-1: New Drug Screening from Marine Microorganism Metabolites
Track 4-2: Discovery of Marine Biomarker, and Biological Active Compounds
Track 4-3: Marine Products for Biomedical Assay
Track 4-4: Anticoagulant and Anti-thrombic Marine Products
Track 4-5: Antiviral and Antibacterial Marine Natural Products
Track 4-6: Anti-Tumor, Anti-metastatic Marine Natural Products
Track 4-7: Other Biomedical Applications of Marine Biotechnology

Track 5: Marine Bioenergy and Engineering

Track 5-1: Algae and Seaweed Biomass
Track 5-2: Marine Bioethanol
Track 5-3: Marine Biodiesel
Track 5-4: Marine Biogases
Track 5-5: Algal Biofuels Commercialization

Track 6: Marine Resources and Environment Bioremediation

Track 6-1: Metagenomics and Synthetic Genomics for New Marine Resources
Track 6-2: Marine Industry Processes and Products
Track 6-3: Bioremediation for Bacterial Biofilms and Biofouling
Track 6-4: Bioremediation for Spilled Oils on the Sea
Track 6-5: Novel Marine Biotechnology for Conservations and Environment Protections

Track 7: Business Forum on Marine Biotechnology

-5 Open Sessions for Free Organizations by both Tech and Product Suppliers and Investors
-Open Space for Interactive Forum (please propose)
Problem is ... I don't do any marine microbiology. So, is this an elaborate case of spam? Is it a scam? I hesitate to click on the link (heck, I probably should not have even provided it).


soil mama said...

hmm, seems a bit fishy since they are not asking you to talk about something specific and just saying we want you to come and talk, now choose a topic... especially if none of the topics are in your specialty.

ok, just tried to google it and it looks like a scam. I've gotten a few similar thing inviting me to speak at some meeting I've never heard of or asking to give online seminars to something funky.

I suppose you could reply out of pure curiosity and maybe it is a real meeting, but it does seem fishy.

Tom said...

I've replied to spam once. Never again. All it did was encourage them, and I already get a ton of spammage at is.

Laura said...

I got the same email today, and searching in google about it is how I found your blog.

In my case, I will not replay.