Saturday, June 07, 2008

Germany bombs England!

Of course, the German-made bomb was dropped a little over 65 years ago.
It's not uncommon for World War II-era bombs to be unearthed in Europe. In London, which suffered the aerial bombardment of the Blitz, bombs are uncovered two or three times a year, Saunders said.
Wow. The scars of war take a long time to fade, eh? Makes you wonder just how long the Iraqi's will have to deal with their scars long after we're gone.


Jetty said...

Probably hundreds of years, though if we've not destroyed the planet by then we'll still be there anyways.

Blake said...

I think the reality of this was first brought home to be during the cluster-bombing of Serbia. So many places have this problem: Viet Nam, Iraq, a lot of the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Cambodia.