Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Job Announcement

Received this from the people who develop Greengenes. If you're just beginning a career in bioinformatics, this sounds like a good place to start.
Hello Greengenes pro!

I'm including you in this job announcement since you have used multiple tools on the Greengenes 16S rRNA analysis web site. I'm guessing you are likely aware that Greengenes is both a DNA database and a web service and we've been funded to grow in both areas. If you know a recent Bachelors-level graduate with solid programming skills whose looking for an entry level full-time position, please forward them this link to the job description:

Thanks for considering this opportunity and for all your helpful suggestions over the years.
Please note, this is listed as a "term" position. According to the position description, you'll be hired for one year. Your term position may be extended after that or converted into a career position depending on your performance and future funding.

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soil mama said...

wow, that would be a great job for someone just out of college!