Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bashing the Republicans ...

... may still be a favorite pastime, but it doesn't seem to be selling these days.Picture taken a couple of days ago at my local B&N. Yes, that is a hardcover book selling for $3.99.


Nat Blair said...

yeah, a hardcover book that was first published in 2005, and in paperback since 2006 is discounted. And that's evidence of what exactly?

The simple fact in this day and age you saw an actual physical copy is proof of its staying power.

Which pains me to say, since I think Mooney's behavior with his latest book is less than stellar.

Tom said...

On that same day, I purchased a soft covered version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for $5.99. A 50% markup over Mooney's book, by a book first published over a century earlier. ;)

Ok granted, I'm comparing apples to elephants.

So what is it evidence of? I think primarily it's evidence of the fact that Mooney certainly received a lot of attention because he was doing what everyone else in the media was doing at the time ... bashing Bush and the Republicans. Now, with a new administration, and a whole lot of inertia ... well, I guess we've all realized that the scapegoat works only as long as the scapegoat is alive. And before anyone labels me a Republican, I'm not. About the only label I'm willing to cop to is that I'm a fiscal conservative. I don't really think either party is concerned about science, for the sake of science. They cater to their base, plain and simple.

I guess this post was due, in large part, because I'm tired of his whole shtick as well. That he's still beating the damn drum against Dawkins* (with another inane post today) is the primary reason I refuse to do more than occasionally comment on some of Sheril's posts any longer.

*Dawkins is a pompous ass, yet Mooney is almost making me defend the guy ... that's how I know it's bad!

RPS77 said...

I would guess that it's because the Republicans are out of power nationally, so the whole issue of their attitudes toward science doesn't seem relevant to many people. Plus, as you say, neither party has many people who are really concerned about science for its own sake - they are concerned with what will win elections.

soil mama said...

I would think it's because it's about politics AND science. The average American doesn't really know OR care much about either.

I'm not a fan of political bashing from either side. it just confuses people makes them glaze over.