Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm sorry but ...

... anyone who runs a business dedicated to investigating the "mysteries of science and physic phenomenon." does not make them science-buffs. It makes them loopy.

So loopy that one of their children is believed dead because a tin-foil balloon (oh, there's some irony for you in that if you want to dig deep enough) he was supposedly seen crawling into, crash lands about fifty miles away.

Ten to one this was all a publicity stunt.
Although Richard Heene said he had no specialized training, they had a computer tracking system in their car and a special motorcycle. Mayumi Heene, often called "ninja" by the family, was in charge of equipment and drove the storm-mobile. She also filmed storms while her husband rode his motorcycle into the storm to launch rockets to measure magnetic forces.


No Wonder You're Single said...

have you seen some of his youtube posts with his "science experiments"?

soil mama said...

I can't help but to feel a little pissed off each time someone refers to him as a scientist. Crap like this just reinforces the general public's view that scientists are wackos that shouldn't be trusted.

Genomic Repairman said...

Completely off topic but I am thanking my stars that Bradford came out of the game early or the Longhorns would have been screwed. I hope the kid gets healthy and soon, he is the fun to watch and the better of the two quarterbacks. And to top it off you have to be reeling from the Jets loss. How is the review article coming along?