Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm not linking to this article ...

... because of the article itself. Rather, I'm linking to it for one of the comments because it sums my thoughts up pretty darn well. The comment was made by "RichP the Pocono's" and he said:
The biggest losers in the country are the american people and american business, mainly from the carpet baggers and faux royalty we have in all three houses. Coming up on a year now and still no legislation enticing or making it advantageous for american business to stay here in the US, NONE. In fact quite the opposite, more and higher taxes, that is a really good incentive. Bravo DC, bravo....
Bravo, and Amen.

ETA: Don't know why this was the top link on the CNN Politics/Polls page. Must be a slow time of year, eh?

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