Monday, January 25, 2010

So close, but yet ...

... so far. For the first 28 minutes of the game last night I thought it looked like the Jets could be going to the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. Then Peyton Manning found Austin Collie* not once but twice, the last time in the back of the end zone for six, and things started to fall apart at the seams. Manning, Garcon, and Collie abused everyone in the Jets secondary not named Darelle Revis ... in particular Lowery and Sheppard. It's obvious where the Jets need to focus this offseason.

With that said, I don't think anyone (except maybe Rex Ryan) thought the Jets would make it this far this year. There are high hopes for next year though.

Congratulations on the win Indy. A friend asked me how many scores I thought you guys could muster and the Jets stll get the win, and I said two. Well, I would have been correct if that had happened, but it didn't. You definitely outplayed us and you deserve that berth. Now I hope you get stomped by New Orleans.

*What is with my teams losing to BYU players this year?


Mad Hatter said...

Actually, wasn't it Rex Ryan who said in a press conference that his team had been eliminated from the playoffs when they actually hadn't? Yeah, for the first half of the game I thought the Jets were going to win, too.

Tom said...

Yes, he did make that claim after they lost to the Falcons. But once they made the playoffs he said his team was the one to beat, should be the favorites to make the Super Bowl, and when he made an itinerary for his players for the playoffs, it ended with a parade in NY to celebrate their championship.

I had the date booked!

Mad Hatter said...

The team I root for has exited the playoffs as well. And my local team...well, you probably know where I am and how sad that team is. :-)