Monday, January 25, 2010


It's true, lasers CAN make you slimmer.
Overall, participants in the treatment group demonstrated a total girth reduction across all four sites of 89 millimetres (3.51 inches) compared with control subjects who showed a 17-millimetre reduction. Maloney says the reduction in the placebo group is a reflection of the typical placebo response. The results were published last month in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (vol 41, p 799).
Sheesh, that sure would be easier than what I'm currently about to do ... P90X.

Yep, I'm an idiot. I've finally decided that I just can't tolerate my *ahem* girth any longer. It (my body) is a far cry from what it looked like during my track and field days, and I just can't stand it any longer. So I got P90X, an iron gym (that doorway pull up bar) and resistance bands and I'm going to start torturing myself soon. First I need to get everything together to keep my nutrition in line with what the program recommends because I figure if I'm slurping down Mickey D's every day, no amount of pull-ups is going to help my waistline.

So why am I telling you about this? Well, for one simple reason. I hope that by putting this out in public, if I don't follow through, I will be publicly shamed. A perverse sort of peer pressure I suppose.

So while I'm out grocery shopping, I suppose I need to look and see if I can get myself into one of these laser trials.


soil mama said...

I had to look up P90X, and wow! you're going for RIPPED huh?

me, I'm trying to get my diet back under control and get a bit more active. I don't want to be ripped, but I wouldn't mind loosing a bit of girth and having my clothes fit better. My diet is way healthier than most Americans and doesn't include fast food, but it's just easy to eat too much carbs and cheese.

so if you really wanted peer pressure, you could post a before picture :)

Tom said...

I'm not looking for ripped as much as flat. And I said I wanted peer pressure, not ridicule. I will be taking a before picture, but no way in heck will I be posting it. :P