Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owning a home bites sometimes (part deux) ...

... so in the comments section of the last blog entry detailing my woeful attempt to spruce up my laundry nook, I said things got even better with the whole fiasco. And boy howdy did it ever.

I woke up bright and early on Sunday (and by bright and early I mean 10AM-ish), got dressed, and just decided to get it over with. Grabbed a broom, the new dryer vent hose, and my big Maglite, and opened up my crawl space. Got on my hands and knees, looked inside and saw about a million spider webs. Fun ... I hate spiders.

Started whacking the webs with the broom, allowing me access without getting a face full of sticky gunk. Located the outside part of the vent, made my way over and took off the old hose. It was lined with at least a half inch of lint, so it was a good idea to replace it. Tried getting the new hose on but it just wasn't fitting. The fact that my crawlspace is about two and a half feet high meant that I didn't have much space to get good leverage to slip the hose on. I lose my grip on the clamp which is to hold the hose in place, it hits my thumb and splits it wide open. So now I've got blood pouring down my hand and the hose is all sticky with blood too. Fun fun! Finally manage to get the hose on (which involved a trip back into the house to get duct tape to really make sure the darn thing isn't going to come off). Meanwhile my dogs have decided to see what all the fuss is about, so now I have three animals wandering through my crawlspace ... not what I wanted because they don't really know the concept of "if you knock that out of joint, I'm going to have to fix it". Fortunately, they didn't do any damage (I think).

I stretched the hose out and made my way towards the opening in my floor ... and came up about eight feet short. Ack! So had to run out, buy a second hose, jury-rig the two hoses together (relying heavily on duct tape) and then spend a half hour getting the end of the second hose through the floor. Spent another thirty minutes behind my washer and dryer trying to get the hose onto the back end of the dryer in a position such that it would stay on.

All of this because I wanted a a peg board in my washroom.

I hope when I start hanging my pictures things aren't this hectic!

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