Monday, September 08, 2008

Football can make idiots out of most everybody ...

... take this yahoo (by the name of Ant_Santisi) for example who said in the following thread:
who ever says the Bills are the "Kings" of the AFC East is a dumb ol' donkey. The Jets have stars up the Wazoo that nobody talks about. Take Mike Nugent for an example. When you think of the word boss, you think of Mike Nugent. He got hurt in Sunday's game, but he is a champ, and he battled back.
Thank you.
Ok, now I'm a Jets fan who is as die-hard as the rest of them but ... Nugent is a kicker. KICKER. Yes, he's a pretty decent kicker, but the next kicker in the 2005 draft was taken with the 202nd pick (Nugent was taken with the 47th). He's no Vinatieri, even though he has an 81.5% FG PCT (Vinatieri's at 82.4% over a career 3 times as long), and has fairly decent range (54 yds is his long, Vinatieri's is 57). But still, he's a KICKER. Oh, and Vinatieri wasn't even drafted. He's not a QB, a RB, or any of the other countless positions with which you'd draft high, and to imply he's one of the Jets superstars ... stupid.

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