Thursday, December 31, 2009

What gives NewScientist?

So I'm reading an article today and about a minute into reading, the screen goes black. A bright blue box in the middle of the darkened screen tells me I've read 3 articles from NS this month, and if I want the privilege to read up to four more -- free of charge -- I need to register. Yes, I need to give you my email address so you can spam me incessantly, right? Yes, I have an email account I use just for these purposes, but that's besides the point. I stopped using ESPN to catch up on my sports because they started switching their articles to their INsider service (that and they now pipe live video on just about every page you read ... which is annoying because I don't care to watch or listen to Sports Center blurbs when I'm reading an article ... it's like websites with music on the page, they're damn annoying and intrusive). So, NewScientist ... I will not register for access to four more articles a month. Which means, I suppose I should stop visiting your site altogether. Or I will, once you fix the workaround I employed. I just don't allow any java scripts to work from your site, and the blackened screen went away, allowing me to read articles to my hearts content.

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