Friday, January 08, 2010

Enlighten me!

So people have gotten onto my case about my choice of news sources for some of my blog entries. So, I am asking my readers to edumacate me and point me in the direction of better sources. Here is a list of the sources I read routinely. Probably not every morning, but once a week, or in the case of some of them once or twice a month. It also doesn't include local sources (for obvious reasons).

My news sources. Click to enlarge

So, what am I missing? What do people in the blogosphere read regularly for reliable news?


Nat Blair said...

I typically read more commentary as opposed to putative 'straight' news sources. The broad facts will be the same between different large sources, so what I want to read are interesting and smart peoples' thoughts and opinions.

To your list I would add (left I'd say), (centrist), The Weekly Standard (right), National Review (right), The New Republic (center to left), and The Nation (way left).

I would also throw in blogger type people like Kevin Drum (Washington Monthly), Andrew Sullivan (the Atlantic) and Megan McArdle (-you might like her, she's a fiscal conservative, more liberal on social issues; also at The Atlantic), Matthew Yglesias (Prospect? Somewhere else now? Can't remember).

Honestly though I don't follow these so much anymore. Kids and work have obliterated any free time for that. No amount of "Getting Things Done" is enough to counteract it!

There's only a couple times where I've taken issue with Fox News, though I do view them in a poor light. It's more that I've only seen you post critical things about Obama (which is your prerogative, it's your blog). But from some of your posts I would guess that you value the environment, are concerned about future energy sources, maybe worried about global warming. Is there anything related to those that the President has done that you think is good? (Again, not that you have to post on this- it goes more to explain why I, incorrectly, miscontrued your positions).

Genomic Repairman said...

For a funny Libertarian point of view you can look at Neal Boortz's site. Sometimes funny stuff, sometimes lame, but nevertheless a good read.

Nat Blair said...

Ah, if you want the sort of standard libertarian POV, then Reason magazine is the place to go.

For some time I had libertarian leanings. But I came to conclude that though they are in many ways appealing ideas, they utterly fail in the real world.

soil mama said...

since I know I teased you about Fox News, I figure I should reply :)

I really like NPR, don't have much time to listen lately since the little one would rather have me read stories at breakfast than listen to the news (can't really blame her). I like the different shows that really get into various topics and I like that they usually tell a bit more of each story. since images aren't involved, I feel like they tend to be less sensational too.

for online news, I'll usually go for BBC or CNN, but I really am not too impressed with CNN lately. I like the NPR website, but find I don't go there very often.

honestly, I don't follow the news that closely lately since I am just sick of it. Left or right, I feel like most news sources are pretty one sided. I do go to MSN and Slate for stupid stuff (let my mind relax in the guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip).

Nat Blair said...

Left or right, I feel like most news sources are pretty one sided.

Exactly one of the reasons why I go more for commentary. THat way you know what the slant is. And in trying to check things out from a wide range of stuff, I hope to not get too deep in the echo chamber.

Genomic Repairman said...

And for the whackaloon Republican side you can visit!