Thursday, March 11, 2010

Could this be a good thing?

Campaign finance reform, lobbying reform, and clean-up of governmental corruption key to 2010 elections.
He came to the White House on Wednesday for a quiet meeting with the president's senior adviser, David Axelrod, to express a fear that Republicans are seizing the high ground on cleaning up Washington, on issues such as the ethics probe of Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-New York.
Having both the Democrats and Republicans working on this issue is a "Good Thing" if you ask me. My hope is that they can put together some bipartisan efforts to enact real reform instead of delivering us nothing more than soundbytes and worthless legislation.
Pressed on whether the president is doing enough on lobbying and campaign finance reform, Hildebrand said, "I don't think anyone in Washington is doing enough on this."
You got that right.

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