Tuesday, May 27, 2008

But does it come with batteries?

Something to think about when you're planning on buying that used hybrid. The battery might need replacement sooner than you might want.
Hanson says today's Prius batteries are designed to last "the life of the car," which Toyota defines as 180,000 miles.
... and ...
For those unlucky few who have to replace their own batteries, the cost is coming down. On June 1 Honda is slashing the cost of its batteries from $3,400 (excluding installation) to as low as $1,968 on an Insight or as high as $2,440 on an Accord hybrid. Toyota also plans to substantially cut battery prices, which now stand at $3,000 (excluding installation), down from $5,500 on the original Prius.
Installation runs around $900, so the total cost for the Honda will be about $4,500. Not insignificant.

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