Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paper or paper?

China sacks plastic bags. They use over 3 billion of them a day!
The Chinese government is banning production and distribution of the thinnest plastic bags in a bid to curb the white pollution that is taking over the countryside. The bags are also banned from all forms of public transportation and "scenic locations." The move may save as much as 37 million barrels of oil currently used to produce the plastic totes, according to China Trade News. Already, the nation's largest producer of such thin plastic bags, Huaqiang, has shut down its operations.

The effort comes amid growing environmental awareness among the Chinese people and mimics similar efforts in countries like Bangladesh and Ireland as well as the city of San Francisco, though efforts to replicate that ban in other U.S. municipalities have foundered in the face of opposition from plastic manufacturers.
I thought there might be a significant impact on petroleum, and there is ... to the tune of 37 million barrels. And why am I not surprised that US efforts have been curbed by plastic lobbyists. I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs, but surely you can redirect your efforts ... maybe biodegradeable plastics?

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