Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I missed this ...

... but agree with it wholeheartedly. So I'll link to it now: Why the PZ Myers Affair is Really, Really Bad for Science.
The simplistic and unscientific claim that more knowledge leads to less religion might be the particular delusion of Dawkins, Myers, and many others, but it is by no means the official position of science, though they often implicitly claim to speak for science. Nor does it stand up to mounds of empirical evidence about the complex relationship between science literacy and public perceptions.
... and ...
As long as Dawkins and PZ continue to be the representative voices from the pro-science side in this debate, it is really bad for those of us who care about promoting public trust in science and science education.
What more needs to be said? Science needs to stick to talking about science, not insulting religion or working people (atheist and theist alike) into a frenzy.

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