Friday, May 23, 2008

President Bush ...

... is obviously a fan of Ashleigh Brilliant. Why, just look at one of Mr. Brilliants famous epigrams.

Cheer up! The worst effects of what we're doing won't be felt until after we're all dead.



Blake said...

I've wondered for a long time what's in the mind of a "30-percenter," one of that bedrock number that still supports Bush. Someone who might fall in that category recently said to me that the office of the Presidency had to be respected, even if one didn't respect him personally. My question that I haven't asked is at what point does that impulse or duty in a proud citizen finally give way before a man who is so lawless, limited, stubborn and self-righteous? Does he have to be convicted of fraud? Open bribery? What crime's evidence, if plain enough to see to the entire country, would be sufficient for these respectful holdouts to abandon their unwavering support for authority?

Tom said...

I remember from watching Band of Brothers, when Major Winters tells Captain Herbert Sobel that one salutes the rank, not the man. Criticism of the man, IS NOT criticism of the rank. I'd say we should be clear and concise in our criticisms and make sure the distinction is very clear ... but it's certainly not a crime IMO to criticize President Bush. As for the 30%, some are probably sheeple, some tow the party line very strongly. If there were a Democratic president in the White House, who made a similar mess, I bet you'd have ~30% of the Dems supporting him/her regardless.