Friday, September 12, 2008

Adapting to the modern world ...

Obama ad claims that since McCain can't use a computer, he hasn't adapted to the modern world.
Barack Obama's campaign released a new television ad Friday that mocks John McCain for being out of touch with voters' lives and the economy. The ad uses McCain's admission earlier this year that he's computer illiterate as a sign that he's been unable to adapt to the modern world.
I'd contend that if you can fly a US military jet, you're pretty high up on the technology scale.

Come on folks, let's get to something serious. Now that gas is back up to $4 a gallon, I'd like to hear less about lipstick and computers, and more about how you're going to help ensure my job stays around, and how you'll strengthen the economy and prevent me from being tossed out of my house and onto the streets.

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