Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another manuscript ...

... in the oven with a deadline giving me only a few more days to make edits/rewrites. Which means, less blogging but plenty more writing. I shall return.

Before I go though, can I say that I thoroughly love the GenBank sequence submission process? NOT.


Philip H. said...

We all feel your pain (or at least those of us who do science and publish feel your pain). WIll there be links to your pubs here at some point?

Tom said...

Good question Phil. I may, but I may not. I'm posting from a pseudonym at the moment, and while I don't really care if people know who I am, I do care if they start emailing or calling my employer with stupid stuff about positions I may take, or other things I might say. While I try not to be vehemently antagonistic with the things I say, you never know who might get on a kick of righteous indignation and start a campaign seeking to oust my ass.

If I go with a strict science blog, I'll probably post them, and do away with the pseudonym.

Then again, maybe my ego is overinflated and no one really puts much stock into my opinions to get fired up over them anyways. :)