Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Medicare crappola ...

... hey, if they have a generic, USE IT!

Jimminy. This chaps me off.
Figures released Thursday show seniors are more likely to ask their pharmacist for generic medications when they are paying, but choose the more expensive originals when the government is covering the costs.
Well, that's just lovely.

Listen folks, with very few exceptions, generic drugs are the same as the name brands. Yes, there are some exceptions (such as heparin) and there are some reasons not to switch, but in most cases ... use the generic, because all your're paying for with the brand name is ... the name! At least talk to your doctor about it. If you ask, and they say there is no problem using the generic, use it. See? Simple.

PS: There is a list floating on the internets somewhere (I know they talked about it on Fox News) that lists exactly what drugs are the exceptions to the "use generics" rule. If you can post it in the comments, I'd be most appreciative.

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