Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing, the "Energy Ball"

Energy Ball, by Home Energy International. These windmills are claimed to be 40% more efficient than regular propeller windmills of similar size. The two meter version can supply 1,750 KWh per year, which would supply a little over 15% of the average US households energy usage. They cost anywhere from 3 to 7.5 thousand dollars each (without installation). The catch, they should be installed about 40 feet above ground level and away from trees. No telling whether the loss of tree cover during the summer time -- which helps shield your house and thereby cools it down resulting in less energy usage -- would offset the energy balls usefulness.


Philip H. said...

And it looks cool to boot.

Tom said...

It sure does. I wonder ... could such a device be placed onto electric cars? If it could withstand say, 50 mph winds, and didn't place too much drag on the car ... could such a car have an unlimited range once it got up and running, using the energy ball to recharge the batteries as it's motoring down the road?