Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Listen parents ...

... your kids tried to poison their teachers, and you don't think the punishment fits the crime?
They were booked on charges of mingling harmful substances, which carries a two-year prison sentence and $1,000 fine as punishment, as well as being suspended for the rest of the school year, the Times-Picayune said. It's a punishment that parents are calling too tough.
There are pranks, and then there is sheer stupidity. Laxatives are medications, and are therefore not to be trivialized or abused. You want to put an opened can of stink bait inside your teachers desk*, go right ahead ... that's a prank. Trying to slip them a drug ... not a prank. It's a crime.

*Did that to my PhD advisor once. It was hilarious. His office stank for days.

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