Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Electronic Notebooks

I'm interested in assessing electronic notebooks for my laboratory. They need to stand up to scrutiny for patent applications, and be portable to the point that my support scientists would prefer them over traditional notebooks. The problem with any "virtual" system is that the old "detail the experiment on a napkin and then tape it into your book" type of thinking won't work with an e-book. However, this device may come close to that line/style of thinking. I'll have to check it out, next fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

Please contact me. I will be able to assist with your ELN requirements and assessments.

Mike Mazza

Anonymous said...


Sorry, another vendor tracks you down.
Amphora has a software package called PatentSafe, it does exactly what is says on the can!

If your calling Mike, give me a call too:-)

Jo Worthington

800 221 3916

Tom said...

Once the fiscal year turns over (October), I'll give you guys a call. Thanks for contacting me.

Gee, this is a good way to find out information. Blog about it and they come to you. I like it!