Monday, September 08, 2008

So long, farewell, it's time to say "Adieu!" ...

World to end on Wednesday. Got to love the sensational title of the story: Meet Evans the Atom, who will end the world on Wednesday. I doubt that threw many people into a panic, right?

Of course, there is the following manuscript which has been submitted for peer-review and publication (PDF, 10 pages). This manuscript argues that based on an "alternative plausible scenario" there is a risk of mBH's (micro black holes). As a non-physicist, I have no idea of knowing whether or not this plausible scenario is truly plausible or not. All I know is, I'd like to wake up on Wednesday and would also appreciate no quasars living underneath the Indian Ocean.

The Independent reports on CERN.
The End of the World

Some scientists, on the other hand, went to the European Court for Human Rights to try to stop the collider being turned on. They fear it may create a black hole – which would certainly violate our rights by sucking the planet into... well we don't really know. Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith of Cern says: "The chance we produce a black hole is minuscule." Which is not all that reassuring. But he adds: "Even if we do, it can't swallow up the Earth." It would be too small, and disappear in moments. In any case, they will only send the hadrons in one direction this week. The collisions start in October. Until then, at least, we're not all doomed.
Woo-hoo! No doom until October! I hope it's after the 12th though. The wife and I have tickets to the Bears/Falcons game!


Jetty said...

Your blog scares me sometimes! I'm on vacation that week, too. Oh well. Go Falcons!

Tom said...

See above. I don't think we have anything to worry about. :)