Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Umm, Jenny ...

... no, she's (she being Amanda Peet) not wrong. Maybe I wouldn't go so far as to call you a parasite ... but the fact of the matter is ... vaccines are not linked to autism. No way, no how. From the link:
The findings here mirror those of a Danish study that demonstrated ongoing increases in ASD diagnosis despite removal of thimerosal from vaccines, as well as Canadian data demonstrating no decrease in ASD diagnosis for children vaccinated with non-thimerosal-containing vaccines.
What does that mean? That autism is on the rise, and the culprit people are blaming for the autism (thimerosal) isn't even there any longer!

I know Jenny seems to disagree, and I know ... her child has autism, and that sucks. I'm sure she's seeking a reason as to why, but she's looking in the wrong place, and by doing that she's diverting attention away from seeking the true cause. And worse yet, these scare tactics are ruining current vaccination programs, and children are suffering because of it.
“I am so distressed with what is happening, and now our mission has become more difficult,” Carter said. “As a result of all this there is an outbreak of measles and whooping cough.”
Lovely. Perhaps misery loves company ... Jenny?

The Journal of Clinical Investigation released a News brief in 2008 entitled Attention Focuses on Autism (PDF, 2 pages), (link to non-PDF version at PubMed) and concluded:
As was noted to the JCI by Gerald Fischbach, Scientific Director of the Simons Foundation, an organization that seeks to fund research in basic sciences and mathematics, including autism research, “There is no epidemiological evidence of a link between vaccination and the development of autism, and it is exceedingly unwise not to have your child vaccinated, as the consequences of this can be devastating, not just for the unvaccinated child but also others in the community.”

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